We are cult for space age.

We never call ourselves team, we are the cult who are eager to build the newer space age where our solutions impact billions around the globe.

Rocket your career

Rule is no rules

We have perfected the best ecosystem for our cult and it has become their natural habitat now :).

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1. Hello world!

Many of us are able to work from home, a café, or a park whenever we want. Yay freedom!

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2. Flexible Hours

We don't count the number of hours you work, but we see if you were able to complete the work asap.

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3. You Own It

Didn't like a feature or design, fight with your team's product manager to change it, because you own it.

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4. Flat Hierarchy

We got zero harassment policy & luckily you would be able to discuss an idea or a problem with top management.

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5. Smart Salary

Max tax saving and monthly bonus incentives schemes makes your financial planning and life easier.

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6. Up Skill

Selected employees will be given training from top staff or provided with scholarship for a new skill.