Hire remote teams from India and get things done at 70% lesser cost.

Spacenos hire is a team of tech-minded, fast-paced, and experienced software developers ready and open for challenges and work.

It is a program aimed at those who have a vivid imagination about future technology but suppress it due to financial and technological barriers.

Our Process

How it works?

Provide your requirement for your idea and budget.

Give us your idea and your budget and watch us transform it into a scalable user-centric application.

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What you want to build?

Get your products built by providing us your requirements and ideas.

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How much you want to spend?

Discuss your budget with us and we will provide assistance to deliver the best designed product to your tech savvy customers within your price range. Your money is in reliable and safe hands !

We will take care of team buildings and their expenses.

Building a fully fledged team and managing them for you is our duty.

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We manage the team

We handle task assignment, quick product build & delivery from the team.

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We manage dev team administration

Well administered team provides profitable results and we ensure that.

You tech requirement will be put on autopilot

Once the ideas are discussed you can take the back seat while our team gets fully engaged in building your technical requirements.

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Spacenos as your innovation partners

Having us as your innovation partner is the best thing you could do for your company.

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Business Consulting

We can also be your business consultants if that’s what you are looking for.

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Why Choose Spacenos Hire?

Spacenos hire is a team of tech-minded, fast-paced, and experienced software developers ready and open for challenges and work.

  • - We provide a qualified set of developers and managers in a team for you.
  • - Best resources are provided at 70% lower market rates.
  • - We handle and manage the team.

Continue Your Business With Us.

You can also choose to continue your business with us by hiring a team to support the designed product and have a good customer relationship. It all comes down to customer satisfaction which makes it your main aim to support the developed product and we are here for it.

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Serving Across Multiple Domains

Our Pricing Model

Spacenos Hire pricing model is very simple and straight forward.

Pay Monthly.

You decide how much to pay developers. A developer's salary ranges from 800USD to 5000USD per month.

rated 4.8/5 Stars in 15+ reviews.

We could help you hire them all.

  • Android Developer
  • iOS App Developer
  • Website Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Quality Assurance Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Blockchain Developer

Product Team.

  • Designer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Architect
  • CTO

Client Feedback

What out clients have to say.

United States

Best decision ever! We finished our software product development in less than 2 months and 40% lesser cost. We were able to hire 3 top developers from India at cost of 1 developer from United States.

Sebin Due

CEO @ Steal Mode B2B Startup
Spacenos Client