Terms & Conditions

As an employee, you are responsible to behave appropriately at work. We outline our expectations here. We can’t cover every single case of conduct, but we trust you to always use your best judgement. Reach out to your manager or HR if you face any issues or have any questions.

Dress code

Our company doesn’t have an official dress code. However, an employee’s position may also inform how they should dress. If you frequently meet with clients or prospects, please conform to a more formal dress code. We expect you to be clean when coming to work and avoid wearing clothes that are unprofessional (e.g. workout clothes.)

We also respect and permit grooming styles, clothing and accessories that are dictated by religious beliefs, ethnicity or disability.

Conflict of interest

When you are experiencing a conflict of interest, your personal goals are no longer aligned with your responsibilities towards us. For example, owning stocks of one of our competitors is a conflict of interest.

We expect you to be vigilant to spot circumstances that create conflicts of interest, either to yourself or for your direct reports. Follow our policies and always act in our company’s best interests. Whenever possible, do not let personal or financial interests get in the way of your job. If you are experiencing an ethical dilemma, talk to your manager or HR and we will try to help you resolve it.

Employment contract types

All types of employees and interns have to work to finish the task in a given time.

Full-time and part-time employees can have either temporary or indefinite duration contracts. Full-time employees under an indefinite duration contract are entitled to our company’s full benefits package.

Equal opportunity employment

Spacenos is an equal opportunity employer. We don’t tolerate discrimination against protected characteristics (gender, age, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, disability, veteran status.) We want all employees to treat others with respect and professionalism. In practice, this means that we:

  • Hire and promote people based on skills, experience or potential and try to reduce bias in every process (e.g. through structured interviews.)
  • Use inclusive, diversity-sensitive language in all official documents, signs and job ads.
  • Whether you’re kicking off a new campaign.
  • Conduct diversity and communication training.
  • Apart from those actions, we commit to penalizing every discriminatory, offensive or inappropriate behavior. To do this properly, we ask you to report any discriminatory action against yourself or your colleagues to HR. Our company will not retaliate against you if you file a complaint or discrimination lawsuit. Any employee who retaliates or discriminates will face disciplinary action.


We pay your salary or wage at the end of month by checks/ bank transfers/ cash. If you are an hourly employee, you should be diligent in clocking in and out/using our timesheet software so we can accurately calculate your pay.

Performance management

We have built our performance management practices to:

  • Ensure you understand your job responsibilities and have specific goals to meet.
  • Provide you with actionable and timely feedback on your work.
  • Invest in development opportunities that help you grow professionally.
  • Recognize and reward your work in financial or non-financial ways (e.g. employee awards.)

We have established [annual/ bi-annual/ quarterly] performance reviews. During these reviews, your manager will fill out your performance evaluation report and arrange a meeting with you to discuss it. Through these discussions, managers aim to recognize employees who are good at their jobs, identify areas of improvement and talk about career moves. Pay increases or bonuses are not guaranteed. But, we encourage managers to recommend rewards for their team members when they deserve them. There won’t be any forced ranking or other comparison between employees, as our goal is to help all employees improve and develop their careers.

Instructed all managers to meet with their team members once per week to provide feedback and talk about their work and motivations. This way, you can receive feedback in a timely manner and avoid surprises during your annual/ bi-annual/ quarterly performance review.

Employee training and development

We owe our success to our employees. To show our gratitude, we will invest in our employee’s professional development. We want employees to feel confident about improving their efficiency and productivity. We also want to help our employees achieve personal growth and success. Spacenos offers:

  • Upskilling
  • Complete ownership in the product roadmap.
  • Employee mentoring, but doesn’t provide training to any employees/interns as we hire only experienced ones.

Work from home

If your job doesn’t require you to be present at our premises, you can occasionally work from home (WFH). We normally allow three day per week. If you need to telecommute for more days per week, talk to your manager. This has changed due to covid-19 situation and SPACENOS is planning to go completely online or remote at the moment.

Please inform your manager that you want to work from home at least two days in advance. You can also set a recurring WFH day per week. If there’s a rare emergency, you may work from home without having received prior approval, but call or email your manager as soon as possible. If they are in a different time-zone, contact HR instead.

If there is inclement weather (e.g. a blizzard) please check your email or other communication channels to see if the office is officially closed. If you judge that your commute during inclement weather is dangerous, let us know. We will not force you to come to work if your safety is at stake or if there is an official travel warning.

Remote working

Remote working refers to working from a non-office location on a temporary or permanent basis.

If you’re an office-based employee, you may work remotely for a maximum of two consecutive weeks per year. You may arrange this if you are a new parent or suffer from a short-term disability. If you have another reason, talk to your manager. Submit your remote working requests at least one week in advance.

If you work remotely permanently, we ask that you adhere to our security, confidentiality and equal opportunity policies just like your office-based colleagues.

Employee expenses

Not all travel expenses are reimbursable. For example, we will pay for your transportation to an airport for work-related travel, but not to a museum for a personal visit. Before traveling for business, contact HR to clarify which expenses are reimbursable within your particular trip. This is applicable for only certain employees.

Please keep receipts for all reimbursable expenses. You can submit them to your manager through email within 2 days after the date of each expense. If your manager approves your expenses, you will receive your reimbursement within two pay periods.

Working hours

Our company operates between [9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays.] You may come to work at any time between [9 a.m. and 11.30 a.m.], depending on your team’s needs.

Paid time off (PTO)

This is applicable only for employees who have completed one year of service with SPACENOS. Employees receive [20 days] of Paid Time Off (PTO) per year. You PTO accrual begins the day after a year from the time you join our company and you receive [1.7 days per month.] You can take your PTO at any time after your first [week] with us and you [can] use time off you haven’t accrued yet. You will earn one additional day per year after your [first year] with our company, with a cap at [25 days overall.]

If you leave our company, we may compensate accrued PTO with your final paycheck according to local law. When the law doesn’t have provisions, we will compensate accrued leave to employees who were not terminated for cause.


Our company offers a floating day, which you can take as a holiday any day you choose. If you want to observe a religious holiday that isn’t included in our list, we may allow you to take unpaid time off for that day. Or, you may use your PTO.

Progressive discipline

Here we outline steps we will take to address employee misconduct. We want to give employees a chance to correct their behavior when possible and assist them in doing so. We also want to ensure that we thoroughly investigate and handle serious offenses. Our progressive discipline process has six steps of increasing severity. These steps are:

  • Verbal warning
  • Informal meeting with supervisor
  • Formal reprimand
  • Formal disciplinary meeting
  • Penalties
  • Termination

In times, we might not follow the above steps and directly terminate an employee or intern without prior notice.


You resign when you voluntarily inform HR or your manager that you will stop working for our company. We also consider you resigned if you don’t come to work for three consecutive days without notice.

For efficiency’s sake, and to make sure our workplace runs smoothly, we ask that you give at least two months notice. If you hold a highly specialized or executive position, we ask that you give us at least three month notice.

We don’t accept verbal resignations, and we prefer that you submit a written and signed notice of resignation for our HR records. We will reply with an acceptance of resignation letter within two days. HR will inform your manager that you are resigning if you haven’t already done so. Whether you want to announce your resignation to your team is up to you, but we encourage you to be open.


We may terminate an employee either for cause or without cause.

  • For cause termination is justified when an employee breaches their contract, engages in illegal activities (e.g. embezzlement), disrupts our workplace (e.g. harasses colleagues), performs below acceptable standards or causes damage or financial loss to our company.
  • Without cause termination refers to redundancies or layoffs that may be necessary if we cease some of our operations or re-assign job duties within teams. We might not follow applicable payouts and compensations.

In times, we might not follow the above steps and directly terminate an employee or intern without prior notice.