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Hire remote teams from India and develop your custom apps and softwares for your business at monthly pricing, while we manage everything.

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Spacenos Hire

We connect you with Top 1% of developers in India

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Our organization helps you hire/delivers(provides) exceptionally qualified developers, designers and managers from India. The company is all about providing the best resources and services at 70% lower market price.

The price you pay for one developer elsewhere can be paid to 5 distributed developers in our organization, which helps your products to be designed at a much faster pace. We also take good care in managing the team and replacing the staff if required.

Our mission is to be your best innovation partner. While you take care of business and raising money, we take care of design, structure and scaling of the product. Our product designs are created to seize audience’s attention quickly and effectively.

Let us bring your ideas to life with engaging designs to connect with your audience. We think our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience you intend to provide to your customers. We are great at understanding your requirements and ideas and building a scalable user-centric application. Your ideas are important to us and we make sure we build the right product for you!

From products and team members to legalities and salary distribution, Spacenos can be entirely relied upon for it’s management. We also provide our inputs in places required for the best design and scalability of the product.

Our main aim is to provide and assist you with the easy ways of business and it cannot get easier than this. We are the one step solution to all your financial and technical barriers giving you the best possible aid that you are looking for.

Our Statistics

Happy Clients.

Bringing all our client’s vision to reality and handing over the best designed product in the market.


We strive to create the most efficient products our customers can use.

Lives Changed

Impacting over 850 thousand customers with our easy engaging, customer friendly products.

Ready to build your dream product?

Finest choice from more than 12+ clients across globe.

Client Feedback

What out clients have to say.

United States

Best decision ever! We finished our software product development in less than 2 months and 40% lesser cost. We were able to hire 3 top developers from India at cost of 1 developer from United States.

Sebin Due

CEO @ Steal Mode B2B Startup
Spacenos Client

Our Segments

Our Business Divisions

Spacenos has two business divisions namely
Spacenos Hire and Spacenos Labs.

Business Divison-1

Spacenos Hire.

We help you hire remote development teams to fulfill your business needs. Our teams deliver solutions in the most simplest & efficient way so that our clients can focus on more important parts of their business.

Reduced development cost

Decrease your development cost by 70% by hiring developers at an effectively reduced price.

Faster development time

Development becomes faster with the increased work force in the team.

Hire Remote Team
Business Divison-2

Spacenos Labs

We build software products that focus on solving various real-world problems. Our teams strive to build User-centric applications so as to add more value to its day-to-day users.

Experts in AI

Experienced team working with AI to create the best products for you.

Smartest team

Our team implementing the latest technology onto your product.

Spacenos Products

Ready to setup your offshore development team?

More than 12 companies have onboarded Spacenos Hire