We are from the future.

We borrow technology from the future to creating ground-breaking products for better today.

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Who We Are

We are hackers and researchers, passionate about creating the next big thing.

We started from ground-up with just $100 in-hand. Today, we have grown to be a part of world-changing companies. From the beginning of time we have courage in our decisions, empathy for the people and technology in our innovations.

Our Products

We are working in healthcare, finance and marketing sector and are crafting the perfect innovations that could have impact on at least million users.

Thousand Live Changed
Years of Advancement

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Get in touch and let's make something great together.

hello@spacenos.com +91 72599 26494

Where To Find Us

Spacenos Technologies Private Limited
Dr. Rajkumar Road
Near World Trade Center
Bengaluru, KA
560055 INDIA

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